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Where Is The Holy Land

Many ask where the Holy Land or Promised Land not know that the Land of Israel is actually the Holy Land. Area is very small and is bordered to the north in Lebanon, in East Jordan and Syria, western and southern Mediterranean in Egypt. Holy Land borders are always contested between Jews and Muslims surrounding Israel. Due to this controversy, there have been a number of wars in which the State of Israel won the Arab countries when the war is known from the Six Day War when Israel Army man for six days of fighting, the three armies of Jordan, Egypt and Syria.

The State of Israel has received recognition and independence from the United Nations in 1948 and has in fact there is disagreement about the boundaries of the Holy Land. The Holy Land is mentioned numerous times both in the Old and New Testament. A large number of holy places of all religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the Holy Land, hence the problem. Jesus, who was born in Nazareth in northern Holy Land, was a Jew who spread his teachings throughout the country. For this reason, there are many places which are sacred to Christianity and especially Orthodox stream of Catullus and such, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Masada, the Jordan River, and more.

The Holy Land was promised by God to Moses after the Exodus from Egypt (he did not live to see it) after leading the children of Israel from Egypt after 400 years of slavery. Promise great wealth of the country, beauty and more. Therefore call it the promised land. Following the entry with Israel to Israel holy war started between the local (Philistines) and Israel which was able to take over most of the promised land. then when asking where the Holy Land? should be precise and say that the country is also in parts of the state of Egypt (Sinai) and parts of Jordan in places such as Mount Nebo, Petra and others which are not controlled by the State of Israel is also true these days.

You can get to travel to the Holy Land in several different ways and diverse as, flight around the world who landed at Ben Gurion Airport and from there by public transport excellent which also offers tours of holy places by travel agents authorized such company Ophir Tours and Egged Tours. Beyond that, you can of course make car rental with leading and stay in hotels all ranks and as comfortable for you and depending on the nature of your trip. tours are known and fixed in advance which recommended a full tourist. those who want to get to places less popular, one should primarily access roads to the PA.

Christian holy places are:
Jerusalem - Thousands of words can Llachtovasharot many places to visit in Jerusalem as it contains hundreds of attractions for visitors to the city. The city was chosen as one of the best places to walk by different magazines that specialize in tours around the world and especially in the Holy Land. Jerusalem has hundreds of hotels and thousands of hotel rooms at all levels. Now, on the contrary in the past, there is no fear to visit the city and as we wrote, she invites tourists and dedicates have the means of transport and explanations of all Christian holy place and all.

Nazareth - a city homelands of Christ. Especially sacred city and also due to visit the city of several popes. The city are some of the holiest shrines of Christianity, especially Roman Catholics who come to the city during the holidays.

Jordan River - instead it is customary to note that Jesus walked on the water and the people of his subjects had made his way to distribute the new words of the current world - Christianity, which is the largest religion in the world. To date Evangelism distributors are called "the children of Christ". In addition, Jordan is in place, which in this John the Baptist baptized people who wanted to experience and feel sacred. The place is very popular and it is advisable to book hotel rooms long before arrival scene.

There are hundreds of places in the Holy Land you can find by browsing our site.

There are hundreds of places in the Holy Land you can find by browsing our site. Many people around the world who find the Christian and believe in it, do not know where the Holy Land even though they know very well where the holy places. We made Aborcim some links which will benefit those who are looking for where is the Holy Land:

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