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Catholic Holy Land Tours

Tourism in the Holy Land - Catholic tourism.
Tourism of pilgrimage tourist to Israel includes visits of Catholic, in holy places and sites in the state of Israel. These sites include churches, monasteries and other places which by faith and the Christian stories as written in the New Testament took place there. Many Christian believers see the Holy pilgrimage to Israel importance as part of their hold religious worship, although pilgrimage is not considered mandatory in Christianity. Holy Land of Israel and in the Palestinian Authority holds about 30 to 40 pilgrimage sites that are considered mandatory for the Christian tourist's journey in the Holy Land.

About half of these sites, concentrated in the Jerusalem area and the rest are located up north at the Galilee, around the Sea of Galilee and at the coastal plain. Those sites related to Jesus' journey to the Land of Israel according to his biography as they are mentioned in the New Testament. The classic Holy Land tour itinerary includes - 4 Nights in Jerusalem the capital, two nights in Tiberias, and one night in Tel Aviv. During the visit, the pilgrims visits sites in Qana, Nazareth, Mount Tabor, Caesarea, Bethlehem and Masada.

The route includes the major sights in the journeys of Jesus and provides a religious experience while visiting the major holy sites. Catholic pilgrimage tour itinerary in the holy land includes a longer stay in compares to the classic, especially in Jerusalem and around the Sea of Galilee. It is also include a dip in the Jordan River, and it provides religious and spiritual experience, which is usually a fairly rigid template tour. In recent years there has been a call by senior Catholic in the world for pilgrims to visit the Holy Land, with an emphasis on the message of peace and dialog. Every year about one million pilgrims tourists visit the Holy Land and the holy sites for Judaism as well.
There is a rising number of visitors every year, especially during the Christmas period. Pope's recent visit to Israel was in 2009, when Pope Benedict XVI visited and was the third pope to do so.