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If you are looking for a trip to Bethlehem, you have come to the right place. You can reach Bethlehem public transport or transports coming from a number of hotels throughout the Holy Land and especially Myorslim and Tel Aviv. Before you get on means of transportation to Bethlehem, make sure that the car is a teacher to enter the city and includes a qualified guide. If you are a group of travelers or pilgrims, you need a visa to enter the place - it should not be a problem for tourists abroad.

Daily tour prices to Bethlehem:

Prices range between $ 85 and $ 120 per person depending on the location of your origin and nature of the trip. The price includes speaking licensed guide you in your own language provided by the hotel or by the organizing team. In addition, there are several places in the city which will require additional admission holy sites. Price excludes most lunch and dinner, but it is likely that your guide will take care of bringing you to a good restaurant and affordable.

Trip to Bethlehem:

Traveling from Jerusalem to Bethlehem takes about an hour (depending on traffic) until you reach the entrance to the city. There will accompany the patrol car traveling in PA to escort you to the slopes of Rachel to the city center. Then, you will reach the Church of the Holy Nativity Christianity and pilgrims in particular. Most often, you'll be in place full two hours in which you will be impressed by the beauty of the place and say a prayer. From there you can go on a tour of the spectacular market Bethlehem and purchase a number of souvenirs away. There are several observations city and the holy places of Judaism as well as Rachel's Tomb which you can visit only a preliminary approval guidebook but in any case you will notice the way back to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

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