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The Christian Quarter in Jerusalem

Christian Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City is located in the northwestern part. The center of the Christian Quarter is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre existing surrounding dwellings. Exist in dozens of religious buildings and churches of different Christian pilgrims who come to all year round and especially during the Christmas holiday. Of the existing churches in include the most important ones: Church of the Redeemer, Church of St. John the Baptist, Alexander Nevsky Church of the Holy Sepulchre and of course the famous and popular of all. Most churches were built and renovated during the 18th century and used as a source of pilgrimage for pilgrims from around the world. In addition to these churches there are several monasteries monastery of San Salvatore that he Franciscan friary was built in the 16th century. Monastery of Deir al Sultan which can not be reached. The monastery is built around a courtyard which can be reached only through the Holy Sepulcher.

Christian Quarter tour is recommended for everyone, not just Christians and pilgrims. Number of local attractions are in terms of "must see" like "Lion's Gate" is the only open gate in the eastern wall of the Old City. The Sultan Sulimm gate built in the 16th century. Another must see attraction is the monastery "Sisters of Zion" there are the models of Jerusalem during the Second Temple. Also, instead there are excavations and exhibition of archaeological finds. According to Christian tradition, Jesus was introduced by Fontes Pilate to the Roman people.

The most spectacular way and the most sacred Christian is called distance of the V Dolorosa "which way did Christ the latest way. Along the street there is a market designed spectacular memorabilia from the old town and the Christian Quarter in particular. At the end of this road, you can return to meet with the existing public transport nearby.

Hotels in Jerusalem

Hotels in Jerusalem

Reservations at Hotel Jerusalem is a simple matter. Jerusalem has hundreds of hotels in a variety of levels. From youth hostels to luxury hotels to a five star. In addition, the hotel also change the character required. There are hotels, spa hotels and hotel groups intended to visit the Holy Land as pilgrims to their proximity to the holy places is to their advantage. As we mentioned in the previous article, it is desirable and advisable to book a room in hotels in Jerusalem for as long as possible especially if you arrive to Israel during the holy Christian holidays.

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