The City of Tel Aviv -

The City of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the cultural center, the economic and commercial center of the state of Israel and is situated along the coastal plain in the center of the country. Is the second largest city in Israel and has about 410,000 residents. The city was founded in 1909 and is bordered by ancient Arab city of Jaffa.

Tel Aviv is also a huge tourist center and contains very Hotels various levels of accommodation. You will find luxury hotels at the five-star hotels and hostels and cheap accommodation and breakfast.

Nightlife of Tel Aviv are filled with activity and special attractions for tourists. Parties, pubs and cafes scattered throughout the city's busiest streets which give it a special liberal character. Small town is "Ben Gurion Airport". Also, going from day trips or organized tours for individuals and groups. Per trip is accompanied by a guide who has appropriate training. Since Tel Aviv is located in the center of Israel, is very accessible through efficient transport that allows visiting several places in the country and return back to stay at the hotel.

In recent years, declared UNESCO Association of Tel Aviv in general and in particular as a number of websites Buildings Conservation Garden gave it a name - the "White City." In addition, the beach of Tel Aviv was elected year after year one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is highly recommended to visit all year round due to the mild weather. annual average temperature in the city is 24 degrees.

There are many attractions for tourists from around the world who come to the city. The Tel Aviv Carmel Market, the beach, synagogues, and dozens of Bible spectacular hiking trails. Possible of course to hire a bicycle and explore the city streets. Tourists who come to Tel Aviv should know that hotel occupancy greater than in July-October period this Hshirelim on vacation and celebrate the New Year. So should enable several months in advance due to a hotel room growing demand in this period. Tel Aviv tourist security is exceptional and cases of theft hardly known to the police. Also can be purchased in dozens of souvenirs from all over the country.

In terms of churches, you will find the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Anthony Church in Jaffa. Both Catholic churches.