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The City Of Nazareth

This year something happened Christian holidays mini leaving sundry times and regardless of the Jewish calendar. Thanks to the joint decision of Catullus and Orthodox churches in Nazareth to the same date of Easter, the celebration will be doubled. If you want to experience the Christian holidays in a little bit different, it is advisable you reach Day Palm Sunday "(Dominica Palmarum) held in late April this year and marks the start of the Easter weekend. Atmosphere of a religious festival, folk music and colorful and Moiohdt, thousands of residents Christians, who went to Sunday Mass in Nazareth, walk the alleys when they wear the best of the latest fashion. Nazareth and nearby restaurants will submit traditional holiday dishes.

Near the magnificent church bells of the city of Nazareth, vaulted stone alleys and the market looks like a dream come true. In addition, following the Fauzi Azar Inn opened last place lodges located within Sibat Koak, amazing structure that when they attached the oldest church in the city - Church Rock Hfrnziskytshaina currently active and the Maronite Church.

Nazareth is undoubtedly one of the spectacular places in the Holy Land which exudes old buildings, religious sites and history. Building to - Motoran square bishop also became very similar hostel Ottoman palace. Family Salesian discernible beautiful church and monastery set. Gabriel is located close to excellent restaurant and hotel spectacular.

Hotels in Nazareth

Hotels in Nazareth

Looking for hotel in Nazareth? here you can find Variety of different hotels in the city. From fancy hotels to hostels spread around the holy city. Price hotels mainly determined by location and proximity to the hotel visitor centers and Christian holy places. Highly advisable to book rooms in hotels several months prior to arrival especially during the holidays when occupancy hotels in the city is maximal when tens of thousands of tourists, priests, monks from all streams arrive in the city.
In addition, you will find a range of prices to individuals and groups. Booking online can save you up to 35% of the price of the room by phone.

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