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The City Of Jerusalem

Jerusalem, a single. No other city in the world such. Jerusalem sacred to all major religions - Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The city is mentioned countless times both in the Old Testament and the New Testament as a holy place which the control fought hundreds and thousands of years. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel which has 800 thousand inhabitants. Jerusalem Israeli government institutions are located in the Knesset, the Supreme Court, the seat of the President and the Prime Minister. In 1981 the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage city of the United Nations.

According to Christian tradition Jerusalem are a number of places and sites where Jesus lived where you can find the Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulchre and more famous. During the Byzantine period Jerusalem was built on the basis of re Christian religion and its importance has risen again with the conquest of the city - by the Muslims during the Crusades. Since Jerusalem was not accessible for pilgrims and people believe in Christianity due to the Muslim conquest of Christianity Center was moved to Rome, Italy. Visit the Holy Land in Jerusalem, is considered a very big experience because the sanctity of the city.

Tourism in Jerusalem is a subject in itself. The number of tourists who come to Jerusalem from around the world exceeds 10 million because it is important for a number of religions. In 2011, Jerusalem was ranked in first place in the list of best cities to visit and comfort and a walk. They visited places in Jerusalem Western Wall Western Wall Tunnels, Dome of the Rock, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Jerusalem Trail. Due to the great demand for hotel rooms in Jerusalem, preferably in advance Lhzmim relatively long period prior to arrival to visit Jerusalem.

Hotels in Jerusalem

Hotels in Jerusalem

Reservations at Hotel Jerusalem is a simple matter. Jerusalem has hundreds of hotels in a variety of levels. From youth hostels to luxury hotels to a five star. In addition, the hotel also change the character required. There are hotels, spa hotels and hotel groups intended to visit the Holy Land as pilgrims to their proximity to the holy places is to their advantage. As we mentioned in the previous article, it is desirable and advisable to book a room in hotels in Jerusalem for as long as possible especially if you arrive to Israel during the holy Christian holidays.

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