The City of Eilat -

The City Of Eilat

Eilat is Israel's southernmost city, located at the Southern Negev Desert, at the southern end of the Arava. Eilat is a resort town with many natural wonders, attractions, sun and desert-based activities. All of this makes Eilat a favorite holiday destination for tourist from all over the world.

Eilat's location was very significant during many historical periods in which it served as a port – King Solomon - who built a large fleet of ships and King David – who have established his southernmost defense line.

Eilat provides its visitors with the ultimate relaxation, offering some of the finest hotels in the Middle East; a promenade extends the length of the beachfront, restaurants, street artists, Bedouin hospitality and fashionable shops. One of the main attractions at Eilat is diving in the Red Sea – one of the world's most spectacular underwater preserves.

Hotels in Eilat

Hotels in Eilat

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