Transportation in Israel -

Transportation in Israel

In Israel there are several ways to get around. We collected all the possibilities for you.

Bicycle in Israel

Unfortunately Israel still not offers bike paths throughout the major cities. Just in Tel Aviv existing urban bike routes. However, there are dozens of bike trails in parks and national parks. In Tel Aviv you will find a service called "Tel Ofan" Which offers bicycle rental by hours. Hourly rate is 1.5$ per hour but if you use under a half hour it will be with no charged. Elsewhere in Israel, you will hardly find a bicycle rental service. Here is the link to the service:

Trains in Israel

Without doubt, this is the most efficient way existing in Israel..and the cheapest! The Ride is very comfortable and the station layout is excellent. The train ride prices range from 8$ (US) on the Tel - Aviv - Haifa lane and it takes about 45 minutes. Shorter rides will cost about 4$ (US). The train rush hour is between 7:00-9:00 AM and in the evening between 16:00-18:00 PM when Sunday is the busiest day of the week. All railway tracks have Free Wi-Fi, and air conditioning services.
Here is the link to the service:

Bus in Israel

Israeli public transportation, especially buses very modern and comfortable. Every city is Central Station which can be reached in one Just about any destination in the Holy Land and especially the holy sites of Judaism and Christianity. Bus times vary depending on the destination and to nearby destinations buses leave almost every half hour. Travel within the city costs about 1.3$ (US). Every bus has free internet Wi-Fi and air conditioning.
Here is the link to the service:

Flights in Israel

Israel has one international airport - Ben Gurion Airport. There are also airports in Haifa, Eilat and Kiryat Shmona that offer domestic flights. The most popular domestic flight is flight from Tel Aviv to Eilat that come out several times a day. Flight cost is $ 100 -120 USD depending on the hour during the day and season. Summer prices rise to $ -200 flight. Companies that offer for Arkia and Israir.

Car Rentel in Israel

Car Rental in Israel is a popular because it is relatively cheap and great quality cars. In every city you can find a large number of businesses that offer car rental from one to long term. The price starts at about 22$ (UD) per day to family car model and does not include fuel, of course. Israeli fuel cost is relatively reasonable, but expensive compared to the world the U.S. and UK when the cost of a liter of fuel is about $ 2, so before you rent car, preferably check all the costs of use.

Taxis in Israel

Taxis are the most convenient way to get around in the city, especially in the big cities and you go out drinking and want to get back to the hotel. Israel mass quality is among the best in the world and almost all of them are Mercedes with air conditioning and English-speaking drivers. Tip: When you ask a taxi cost to run counter to not rip you off (like everywhere else in the world). The minimum taxi service cost is 2.5$ (US) and a 15-hour costs usually about 10$ (US). In many taxis you will find brochures of the major events in the city where you are.

Bus Tour in Israel

If you seek out a daily walk anywhere in the country so it is highly advisable you take a tour bus with a certified guide who will accompany you for the day and give you an experience you will not forget. Cost of day trip to attractions like the Dead Sea, Masada, the Jordan River and other costs usually about $ -100 but do not include entrance tickets and meals to choose from. Buses always have air conditioning and TV broadcasting stories about the places you will. Highly recommended!